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Adding Users/Assigning Roles

If you have an Admin or a Manager role in a TIP portfolio, then you will have access to the Control Panel. This gives the ability to add or remove users from the account and assign or change their roles.

To add a new user, start by clicking on Control Panel button and go to the invite tab

Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to your TIP tool account and click on the invite button. An admin would be able to add any user to the portfolio, whereas a manager would be able to add only those users that belong to the whitelisted domain. 

Once added, the users will start showing in the users list in the Control Panel.

You can change roles of a user by simply clicking on their user profile. And selecting a new role from the drop down menu

Similarly for removing any role for a user, simply click on the delete button and the user role would be updated accordingly

Another way of adding new users to your TIP portfolio is through the Idea Capture form.

When you add an email address in the Inventor or prosecutor fields, and save or publish the idea, the users start showing in the user list with their respective inventor or prosecutor roles. 

As you can see here, adding Janice into the idea capture form, also adds her as an inventor in the Users tab in the control panel.

Updated on December 7, 2021

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