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Adding Child Applications in Idea Manager

Child applications are applications that are based on an earlier filed application and claim priority to it. These relationships have legal effects. Child applications receive certain benefits from their parents. These benefits tell you the prior art that can be used against the patent family and when the invention’s features act as prior art against others.

The type of child applications include:

  • Continuation Application
  • Continuation-In-Part Application
  • Divisional Application
  • Non-Provisional Filing 

A child application in the TIP tool can be filed if the idea is in the Patent Drafting stage or the Filed stage. 

When you hover over the ‘filing’ you will see an option of ‘File Child’. Click on it.

A window will pop-up asking you the kind of child application you want to create.

Choose the appropriate category and click ‘Create Filing’.

Update the details of the new child application and click on Save.

Updated on May 26, 2023

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