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Creating a new Idea Form

In order to create a new idea form, Click on the ‘Add Idea’ button on your TIP tool interface.

A new idea form will open up. Fill up the various details such as Title, summary of the idea, email addresses of the inventors and/or prosecutors responsible for the idea, value, and tags. 

You can also attach any documents, images you may have around your idea

There is an i-button information corresponding to each field that would help you to understand what kind of information can go corresponding to each field. 

Out of all the fields mentioned, the ‘Title’ and the ‘Inventors Email Addresses’ are the required fields. The remaining fields are optional and can be filled later on as you progress. 

Once you fill in the details, click on Save or Publish and your idea would be created and would start reflecting in your ‘Idea Capture’ column.

If you added your own Idea Number, then the idea card will reflect that. Else, the system would generate a default idea number and assign it to your newly created idea. 

In order to ‘Edit’ an existing idea, go to the ‘Card Options’ of the idea card and click on ‘Edit’.

An editable version of the idea form will open up. You can make the required changes and click on save.

Updated on January 3, 2022

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