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Updating User Profile/Password

If you have been registered into the tool by an email invitation, there are high chances you have not set your password

To set your password, log into the TIP tool.

Click on your name/email address that is displayed on the top right corner of your interface

Your profile page would be displayed. 

Click on edit and update the details such as name, location and bio. You can also upload a picture, if you wish

On the right-hand of the screen you will see a Reset Password button. Click on this link to receive an email on your registered address. A link within the email will redirect you to set or update your password

You can also reset your password through the login page. 

Click on Trouble logging in, enter your email address and click the reset password option

You will receive an email like this. 

Click on the link to be directed to a page where you can update your password

Updated on December 7, 2021

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