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Publishing an Idea

In this video we are going to talk about Publishing an idea, and what is the difference between a published and an unpublished idea.

In the Idea Capture column of the TIP tool, you can have published as well as unpublished ideas. The unpublished ideas would have a corresponding status reflected in the idea card.

In the TIP tool, an unpublished idea means that the idea is visible to only the creator of the idea and no one else. This is done to allow the user to add information and details on the idea before they are ready to share with the associated managers, prosecutors and inventors.

Once an idea is published, the idea starts showing in the list of ideas of the associated personnel as well.

To publish an idea, simply click on the ‘Publish button’ on the idea form. 

Alternatively, click on the ‘Unpublished’ status on the idea card to publish the idea.

Updated on January 3, 2022

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