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Creating a Filing

As we progress through the idea lifecycle, some of the ideas may not be pursued, while some may get approved to be filed as a patent application. Once an idea gets approved within an enterprise, it should move to the next stage, that is, the Patent Drafting stage. During this stage, mostly, a prosecutor takes over and starts preparing the draft of a patent application, which may also be referred to as a filing.

The filing can be created based on one idea, or, if it is an omnibus application, it could be created based on multiple ideas.

To create a filing in the Idea Manager, simply drag and drop the idea in the dropbox in the Patent Drafting column. 

You can put one idea in the drop box or in case of an omnibus filing, drag and drop multiple ideas and merge them to create a filing.

The next step now is to define the scope of the ideas in the filing. Based on how you have used the different ideas, you can choose between ‘Fully Captured in Claims’, ‘Briefly Captured’, and ‘Fully Captured’.

Once done, click on Create Filing. An editable version of the form will pop up. In case your filing has more than 1 idea, then the form will automatically combine the fields of the underlying ideas. 

You can edit the fields as per your requirement.

The tool, by default, archives the underlying ideas so that they are not visible on the interface. However, if you dont want the ideas to be archived, then choose the option accordingly and Click on Create Filing. 

The Filing would be created and a new number would be generated by the tool, if not provided by the user.

Updated on January 3, 2022

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