Workflow Stages


  • Idea Capture: This is the initial idea capturing stage, where all your ideas are created, saved and published. After publishing, other collaborators can refine the idea form and add more details.
  • Vetting Stage: Once your ideas are added, then comes your vetting stage, where your idea may be approved for patent drafting. You might have an internal process for evaluation within the enterprise, and having discussions with other stakeholders.
  • Drafting Stage: Once you decide upon applying for a patent application for your idea(s), they are moved into a filing for the drafting stage.  The prosecutor writes the patent application for your filing. Status of the filings being drafted is available to tool users.
  • Filed: Once the application is filed at the PTO, and it has an official patent application number and filing date, you can add those details and move the filing to the ‘Filed’ stage.