Workflow Process


  • Once your ideas are added into Triangle IP’s Idea Manager tool, the tool offers a simple drag and drop feature to move your ideas across various stages of your workflow. 
  • Click on an idea/filing and drag it from one phase of the workflow to the other
  • If your filing is a combination of 2 or more ideas, drop those multiple ideas in the Patent Drafting box, and then click on ‘Create Filing’. 
  • Update the details of the combination filing, such as Idea number, docket number, title etcetera and click on Create Filing. It will be moved to the Patent Drafting column. 


Note: For 1-1 mapping of idea into a filing, the original idea number gets listed as your Filing Number. However, when there is a many-to-one mapping of ideas and filing respectively, then in case you do NOT provide your own file number, the system by default generates a NEW filing number that is the next sequential number generated within the account. In latter scenarios, we suggest providing your own filing number that is a combination of the merged ideas. E.g. 20-0001/02 

  • Once filed, you can move the draft filing from Patent Drafting to Filed column. Simply drag and drop the drafting filing card to the Filed column
  • Enter details such as serial number and filing date, and click on Move
  • The ideas can also be moved in a similar manner backwards in a workflow 


Note: The movement of ideas or filings forward or backwards can be done only by a Manager or a prosecutor, and NOT by an inventor. This is done to ensure that a person with proper decision making authority is able to move the ideas within the workflow