Publishing an Idea


  • Once you Save an idea it shows only on your private idea list and no one else’s. It does not show in the list of the other inventors, managers or prosecutors mentioned in the idea form. 
  • When the inventor or the creator is ready to share the idea with the other responsible people and invite collaboration, then they need to click on Publish
  • Once the user clicks Publish, then it makes the idea public – but only to the manager and the other personnel mentioned in the idea capture form
  • Also, once the user clicks Publish, an email is triggered to all the responsible personnel of the tool
  • They receive an email stating that they have been granted access to the idea

Note: Any email addresses that you add in the tool in any of the fields of the form, such as Inventor or Prosecutor, will automatically add those people in the users list and give them access to that particular idea (not your entire idea list) once it is published. This is done to provide easy collaboration between various parties. However, if you don’t wish for maybe the attorney to access your tool, then you can leave the field blank.  The admin can add and change roles for anyone in the Control Panel.


Unless you are a Manager in the account, anyone would be able to view only those ideas in which you are listed either as an inventor or a prosecutor