Zf Friedrichshafen Ag Patent Portfolio Statistics

Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

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This article summarizes the perfomance of the assignee in the recent years. The overall statistics for this portfolio help to analyze the areas where the assignee is performing well. The filing trend, perfomance across the tech centers and the perfomance of the recent applications has been mentioned below. All the stats are calculated based on the perfomance in USPTO.

How does the overall patent portfolio of Zf Friedrichshafen Ag look like?

Assignee Art Units
Total Applications: 4,420 2,255,742
Granted Patents: 3,124 1,448,533
Grant Index 78.81% 78.12%
Abandoned/Rejected Applications: 840 (21.19%) 405,680 (21.88%)
In-Process Applications: 447 401,529
Average Grant Time: 2.44 Years 2.52 Years
Average Office Actions: 1.24 1.4

Which Technology Area Zf Friedrichshafen Ag is filing most patents in? (Last 10 years)

Art Unit Definition Total Applications
3655 Material and Article Handling 650
3681 Business Methods – Incentive Programs, Coupons; Electronic Shopping; Business Cryptography, Voting; Health Care; Point of Sale, Inventory, Accounting; Business Processing, Electronic Negotiation 512
3659 Material and Article Handling 447
3658 Material and Article Handling 233
Opap Parked GAU 194

How many patents are Zf Friedrichshafen Ag filing every year?

Year Total Applications Predicted
2022 1* 490
2021 205* 482
2020 223 474
2019 274 274
2018 209
2017 172
2016 199
2015 174
2014 228
2013 184

*The drop in the number of applications filed in last two years compared to previous years is because applications can take up to 18 months to get published

Recently filed patent applications of Zf Friedrichshafen Ag in USPTO?

Publication number: US20200087973A1
Application number: 16/618,850

The present approach relates to a door moving device (110). The door moving device (115) comprises at least a force providing device (200), a drive device (205), and a brake device (210). The force providing device (200) is configured to provide the force for controlling a movement of the door (110). The drive device (205) is configured to generate a drive torque for driving the force providing device (200). The brake device (210) can be actuated electrically, and is configured to generate a braking torque when not provided with electricity for braking the force providing device (200) for the door (110).

Publication date: 2020-03-19
Applicant: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag
Inventors: Haevescher Rainer

Publication number: US20210123483A1
Application number: 16/617,407

A clutch arrangement (3) with a friction clutch (8) and a dog clutch (9), wherein the output side of the friction clutch (8) and the output side of the dog clutch (9) are connectible to a flywheel mass device (4). A powertrain unit having such clutch arrangement is also described.

Publication date: 2021-04-29
Applicant: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag
Inventors: Axel Rohm

Publication number: US20190193697A1
Application number: 16/313,962

A method for determining a coefficient-of-friction, the method including braking a first wheel of a vehicle such that a slip between the first wheel and a roadway is less than a slip between a second wheel of the vehicle and the roadway, and determining a coefficient-of-friction between the first wheel and the roadway based on the behavior of the first wheel during the braking. The method optionally including hazard braking the vehicle.

Publication date: 2019-06-27
Applicant: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag
Inventors: Christoph Schall

How are Zf Friedrichshafen Ag’s applications performing in USPTO?

Application Number Title Status Art Unit Examiner
16/618,850 Door Moving Device, Door System Comprising A Door And A Door Moving Device, And Method For Moving A Door Non Final Action Mailed 3662 Nguyen, Nga X
16/617,407 Clutch Arrangement, And Drive Train Unit Non Final Action Mailed 3659 Fluhart, Stacey A
16/313,962 Coefficient-Of-Friction Estimator Patented Case 3661 Trivedi, Atul
15/750,597 Remote Driver Assistance Abandoned — Failure to Respond to an Office Action 3665 Robert, Daniel M
15/327,718 Threaded Planetary Pin Abandoned — Failure to Respond to an Office Action 3655 Pang, Roger L