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Micron Technology, Inc.

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This article summarizes the perfomance of the assignee in the recent years. The overall statistics for this portfolio help to analyze the areas where the assignee is performing well. The filing trend, perfomance across the tech centers and the perfomance of the recent applications has been mentioned below. All the stats are calculated based on the perfomance in USPTO.

How does the overall patent portfolio of Micron Technology, Inc. look like?

Total Applications: 32,307
Granted Patents: 29,233
Grant Index 96.66 %
Abandoned/Rejected Applications: 1,009 (3.34%)
In-Process Applications: 1,959
Average Grant Time: 2.44 Years
Average Office Actions: 1.64

Which Technology Area Micron Technology, Inc. is filing most patents in? (Last 10 years)

Art Unit Definition Total Applications
2824 Semiconductors/Memory 2,838
2827 Semiconductors/Memory 2,629
2818 Semiconductors/Memory 2,253
2812 Semiconductors/Memory 1,017
2813 Semiconductors/Memory 952

How many patents are Micron Technology, Inc. filing every year?

Year Total Applications
2022 0*
2021 684*
2020 1,444
2019 1,560
2018 1,827

*The drop in the number of applications filed in last two years compared to previous years is because applications can take up to 18 months to get published

Recently filed patent applications of Micron Technology, Inc. in USPTO?

Publication number: US20220027096A1
Application number: 17/498,842

A method includes receiving, by a processing device, an indication that a host system is to become idle for a first period of time, identifying, by the processing device based on the first period of time, a background operation at a memory sub-system, and causing, by the processing device, execution of the background operation at the memory sub-system during the first period of time.

Publication date: 2022-01-27
Applicant: Micron Technology, Inc.
Inventors: Kale Poorna

Publication number: US20220027062A1
Application number: 17/450,653

A processing device in a memory sub-system identifies a plurality of word lines at a first portion of a memory device, determines a respective error rate for each of the plurality of word lines, and determines that a first error rate of a first word line of the plurality of word lines and a second error rate of a second word line of the plurality of word lines satisfy a first threshold condition pertaining to an error rate threshold. The processing device further identifies a third word line of the plurality of word lines that is proximate to the first word line and the second word line and relocates data stored at the third word line to a second portion of the memory device, wherein the second portion of the memory device is associated with a lower read latency than the first portion of the memory device.

Publication date: 2022-01-27
Applicant: Micron Technology, Inc.
Inventors: Kishore Kumar Muchherla

Publication number: US20220028733A1
Application number: 17/499,316

A method used in forming a memory array comprises forming a stack comprising vertically-alternating first tiers and second tiers. A first insulator tier is above the stack. First insulator material of the first insulator tier comprises at least one of (a) and (b), where (a): silicon, nitrogen, and one or more of carbon, oxygen, boron, and phosphorus, and (b): silicon carbide. Channel-material strings are in the stack and in the first insulator tier. Conducting material is in the first insulator tier directly against sides of individual of the channel-material strings. A second insulator tier is formed above the first insulator tier and the conducting material. Second insulator material of the second insulator tier comprises at least one of the (a) and the (b). Conductive vias are formed and extend through the second insulator tier and that are individually directly electrically coupled to the individual channel-material strings through the conducting material. Other aspects, including structure independent of method, are disclosed.

Publication date: 2022-01-27
Applicant: Micron Technology, Inc.
Inventors: Kurapati Murthy Satyanarayana Venkata

How are Micron Technology, Inc.’s applications performing in USPTO?

Application Number Title Status Art Unit Examiner
17/498,842 Background Operation Selection Based On Host Idle Time OPAP Central, Docket
17/450,653 Relocating Data To Low Latency Memory OPAP Central, Docket
17/499,316 Memory Arrays And Methods Used In Forming A Memory Array Comprising Strings Of Memory Cells OPAP Central, Docket
17/498,637 Sensor Fusion To Determine Reliability Of Autonomous Vehicle Operation OPAP Central, Docket
17/498,468 Semiconductor Constructions, Memory Arrays, Electronic Systems, And Methods Of Forming Semiconductor Constructions OPAP Central, Docket