Mastercard International Incorporated Patent Portfolio Statistics

Mastercard International Incorporated

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This article summarizes the perfomance of the assignee in the recent years. The overall statistics for this portfolio help to analyze the areas where the assignee is performing well. The filing trend, perfomance across the tech centers and the perfomance of the recent applications has been mentioned below. All the stats are calculated based on the perfomance in USPTO.

How does the overall patent portfolio of Mastercard International Incorporated look like?

Assignee Art Units
Total Applications: 3,358 1,177,763
Granted Patents: 1,322 562,348
Grant Index 50.94% 69.19%
Abandoned/Rejected Applications: 1,273 (49.06%) 250,453 (30.81%)
In-Process Applications: 739 364,962
Average Grant Time: 3.41 Years 3.23 Years
Average Office Actions: 2.21 2.04

Which Technology Area Mastercard International Incorporated is filing most patents in? (Last 10 years)

Art Unit Definition Total Applications
3685 Business Methods 324
3691 Business Methods – Finance/Banking/ Insurance 192
3692 Business Methods – Finance/Banking/ Insurance 173
3695 Business Methods – Finance/Banking/ Insurance 152
3696 Business Methods – Finance/Banking/ Insurance 146

How many patents are Mastercard International Incorporated filing every year?

Year Total Applications Predicted
2022 0* 593
2021 160* 559
2020 245 480
2019 362 362
2018 345
2017 467
2016 447
2015 359
2014 357
2013 260

*The drop in the number of applications filed in last two years compared to previous years is because applications can take up to 18 months to get published

Recently filed patent applications of Mastercard International Incorporated in USPTO?

Publication number: US20220188833A1
Application number: 17/548,350

The disclosure herein describes enabling transactions from within an extended reality (XR) system using behavioral biometrics. A user using the XR system is detected and behavioral biometric data of the user is automatically collected. A user profile is identified based on the biometric data, wherein the user profile is associated with a subset of content and payment data. Access to the content is provided to the user via the XR system. A transaction request is received that is associated with the content. Based on the transaction request, behavioral biometric data of the user is automatically collected again. The association between the biometric data and the user profile is verified. Based on verifying that the second biometric token is associated with the user profile, a transaction is initiated based on the transaction request, whereby a transaction processing entity is configured to authenticate the user based on the biometric data and facilitate the transaction.

Publication date: 2022-06-16
Applicant: Mastercard International Incorporated
Inventors: J May Travis

Publication number: US20220183180A1
Application number: 17/546,429

A data center rack assembly includes a rack, an electronic device, and an adjustable air duct. The rack includes a frame defining opposite first and second rack sides spaced apart in a longitudinal direction. The electronic device presents an intake side configured to receive air therethrough for passage into the electronic device. The electronic device is mounted to the frame such that the intake side is disposed intermediately between the rack sides and is spaced from the first rack side to define a longitudinal dimension therebetween. The duct includes relatively shiftable first and second duct sections that extend in the longitudinal direction to cooperatively present an adjustable longitudinal duct length, and a drive mechanism operably coupled to the first and second sections to control relative shifting of the sections in the longitudinal direction to thereby adjust the longitudinal duct length to correspond with the longitudinal dimension.

Publication date: 2022-06-09
Applicant: Mastercard International Incorporated
Inventors: Mcclintock Travis

Publication number: US20220179639A1
Application number: 17/545,717

The disclosure herein describes managing software patches for software applications of computing devices. A release of a software patch associated with a software application of the computing devices is detected. The software patch is analyzed based on patch analysis rules, wherein the patch analysis rules include vulnerability rules configured to indicate whether the released software patch addresses known vulnerabilities. Based on the analysis resulting in approval for installation of the patch, a current test image of the software application is identified, and the patch is applied to the test image to form a patched image. Tests are performed on the patched image, include patch-specific tests. Based on the results of the tests indicating that the patched image passed at least a subset of the tests, the software patch is applied to application instances of the software application on the computing devices, whereby the patch is deployed to the computing devices.

Publication date: 2022-06-09
Applicant: Mastercard International Incorporated
Inventors: Eric Manley

How are Mastercard International Incorporated’s applications performing in USPTO?

Application Number Title Status Art Unit Examiner
17/548,350 Facilitating Payments In An Extended Reality System Based On Behavioral Biometrics OPAP Central, Docket
17/546,429 Adjustable Airflow Duct OPAP Central, Docket
17/545,717 Managing Software Patches Based On Automated Rule-Based Analysis And Testing OPAP Central, Docket
17/545,361 Methods And Systems For Making A Payment Docketed New Case – Ready for Examination OPAP Central, Docket
17/543,395 Payment Card Benefit Value Estimator System And Method With Transaction-Based Individual Cardholder Relevance Of Selectable Benefits Docketed New Case – Ready for Examination 3621 Detweiler, James M