Hoffmann-La Roche Inc Patent Portfolio Statistics

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

Profile Summary

This article summarizes the perfomance of the assignee in the recent years. The overall statistics for this portfolio help to analyze the areas where the assignee is performing well. The filing trend, perfomance across the tech centers and the perfomance of the recent applications has been mentioned below. All the stats are calculated based on the perfomance in USPTO.

How does the overall patent portfolio of Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. look like?

Total Applications: 2,490
Granted Patents: 1,496
Grant Index 72.34 %
Abandoned/Rejected Applications: 572 (27.66%)
In-Process Applications: 420
Average Grant Time: 2.39 Years
Average Office Actions: 1.32

Which Technology Area Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. is filing most patents in? (Last 10 years)

Art Unit Definition Total Applications
1624 Organic Chemistry 307
1626 Organic Chemistry 274
1625 Organic Chemistry 258
1643 Immunology, Receptor/Ligands, Cytokines Recombinant Hormones, and Molecular Biology 150
1642 Immunology, Receptor/Ligands, Cytokines Recombinant Hormones, and Molecular Biology 85

How many patents are Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. filing every year?

Year Total Applications
2022 0*
2021 22*
2020 103
2019 91
2018 138

*The drop in the number of applications filed in last two years compared to previous years is because applications can take up to 18 months to get published

Recently filed patent applications of Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. in USPTO?

Publication number: US20220025069A1
Application number: 17/498,515

The invention relates to bispecific antigen binding molecule capable of bivalent binding to 4-1BB and monovalent binding to a target cell antigen comprising two lipocalin muteins capable of specific binding to 4-1BB and their use in the treatment of cancer or infectious diseases.

Publication date: 2022-01-27
Applicant: Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.
Inventors: Claus Christina

Publication number: US20220017623A1
Application number: 17/498,512

The present invention relates to the treatment of cancer, in particular to the treatment of cancer using a CEA CD3 bispecific antibody and a Wnt signaling inhibitor.

Publication date: 2022-01-20
Applicant: Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.
Inventors: Gonzalez-Exposito Reyes

Publication number: US20210403562A1
Application number: 17/474,980

The present invention generally relates to antibodies that bind to CD3, including multi specific antibodies e.g. for activating T cells. In addition, the present invention relates to polynucleotides encoding such antibodies, and vectors and host cells comprising such polynucleotides. The invention further relates to methods for producing the antibodies, and to methods of using them in the treatment of disease.

Publication date: 2021-12-30
Applicant: Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.
Inventors: Richter Wolfgang

How are Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.’s applications performing in USPTO?

Application Number Title Status Art Unit Examiner
17/498,515 Bispecific Antigen Binding Molecules Comprising Lipocalin Muteins OPAP Central, Docket
17/498,512 Treatment Of Cancer Using A Cea Cd3 Bispecific Antibody And A Wnt Signaling Inhibitor OPAP Central, Docket
17/474,980 Antibodies Binding To Cd3 Non Final Action Mailed 1642 Allen, Michael D
17/461,639 In Vitro Nephrotoxicity Screening Assay Docketed New Case – Ready for Examination OPAP Central, Docket
17/407,758 Method For The Production Of A Glycosylated Immunoglobulin Non Final Action Mailed 1646 Li, Ruixiang