Cree, Inc Patent Portfolio Statistics

Cree, Inc.

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This article summarizes the perfomance of the assignee in the recent years. The overall statistics for this portfolio help to analyze the areas where the assignee is performing well. The filing trend, perfomance across the tech centers and the perfomance of the recent applications has been mentioned below. All the stats are calculated based on the perfomance in USPTO.

How does the overall patent portfolio of Cree, Inc. look like?

Assignee Art Units
Total Applications: 2,515 2,148,212
Granted Patents: 2,227 1,361,369
Grant Index 94.89% 77.34%
Abandoned/Rejected Applications: 120 (5.11%) 398,844 (22.66%)
In-Process Applications: 167 387,999
Average Grant Time: 3.42 Years 2.52 Years
Average Office Actions: 2.78 1.48

Which Technology Area Cree, Inc. is filing most patents in? (Last 10 years)

Art Unit Definition Total Applications
2875 Optics 432
2844 Electrical Circuits and Systems 210
2879 Optics 124
2818 Semiconductors/Memory 104
2826 Semiconductors/Memory 99

How many patents are Cree, Inc. filing every year?

Year Total Applications Predicted
2022 0* 493
2021 23* 376
2020 107 312
2019 91 91
2018 75
2017 105
2016 65
2015 102
2014 195
2013 253

*The drop in the number of applications filed in last two years compared to previous years is because applications can take up to 18 months to get published

Recently filed patent applications of Cree, Inc. in USPTO?

Publication number: US20220093830A1
Application number: 17/540,510

A stabilized fluoride phosphor for light emitting diode (LED) applications includes a particle comprising manganese-activated potassium fluorosilicate and an inorganic coating on each of the particles. The inorganic coating comprises a silicate. A method of making a stabilized fluoride phosphor comprises forming a reaction mixture that includes particles comprising a manganese-activated potassium fluorosilicate; a reactive silicate precursor; a catalyst; a solvent; and water in an amount no greater than about 10 vol. %. The reaction mixture is agitated to suspend the particles therein. As the reactive silicate precursor undergoes hydrolysis and condensation in the reaction mixture, an inorganic coating comprising a silicate is formed on the particles. Thus, a stabilized fluoride phosphor is formed.

Publication date: 2022-03-24
Applicant: Cree, Inc.
Inventors: Gresback Ryan

Publication number: US20220069328A1
Application number: 17/523,772

A redox flow battery system includes an anolyte having a first ionic species in solution; a catholyte having a second ionic species in solution, where the redox flow battery system is configured to reduce the first ionic species in the anolyte and oxidize the second ionic species in the catholyte during charging; a first electrode in contact with the anolyte, where the first electrode includes channels for collection of particles of reduced metallic impurities in the anolyte; a second electrode in contact with the catholyte; and a separator separating the anolyte from the catholyte. A method of reducing metallic impurities in an anolyte of a redox flow battery system includes reducing the metallic impurities in the anolyte; collecting particles of the reduced metallic impurities; and removing the collected particles using a cleaning solution.

Publication date: 2022-03-03
Applicant: Cree, Inc.
Inventors: Li Liyu

Publication number: US20220056389A1
Application number: 17/520,369

Methods and apparatus for detecting, quantifying, enriching, and/or separating bacterial species in fluid sample are provided. The fluid sample is provided as input to a microfluidic passage of a microfluidic device, wherein the microfluidic device comprises at least one electrode disposed adjacent to the microfluidic passage. The at least one electrode is activated to capture bacteria in the sample using dielectrophoresis, wherein the capture efficiency of bacteria is at least 99%.

Publication date: 2022-02-24
Applicant: Cree, Inc.
Inventors: Antoszczyk Slawomir

How are Cree, Inc.’s applications performing in USPTO?

Application Number Title Status Art Unit Examiner
17/540,510 Stabilized Fluoride Phosphor For Light Emitting Diode (Led) Applications Docketed New Case – Ready for Examination OPAP Central, Docket
17/523,772 Redox Flow Battery Systems And Methods Of Manufacture And Operation And Reduction Of Metallic Impurities Docketed New Case – Ready for Examination OPAP Central, Docket
17/520,369 Bacteria Enrichment System And Methods Docketed New Case – Ready for Examination OPAP Central, Docket
17/520,421 Bacteria Separation System And Methods Docketed New Case – Ready for Examination OPAP Central, Docket
17/517,839 High-Efficiency Bacteria Capture And Quantification System And Methods Docketed New Case – Ready for Examination OPAP Central, Docket