Merging multiple ideas


While you add your ideas into the Idea Manager, you may decide that the actual patent filing is a combination of multiple ideas covering different features. The TIP tool offers you the option to merge multiple ideas to form a single filing

  • Drag and drop the first idea card into the ‘drop ideas box’ under Patent drafting. Then drag and drop the second idea card also into the same drop box.
  • Click on ‘Create filing’
  • The filing form will open with combined results of idea number 1 and 2. The tool also combines the various fields such as title, inventor names etc and you can edit those fields like you would do in an Idea Capture form. The attachments for both ideas are all transferred to the combined filing matter
  • When we go to the bottom of the filing screen, you would see the underlying idea numbers clearly mentioned
  • Click on Create Filing on the form again to save your idea