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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of FAQs about the TIP Tool:

What happens to the idea when a filing is created?
When a filing is created, the tool gives you the option to archive the ideas. By default the checkbox is ticked i.e. ideas are archived. However, if you do not wish to archive the ideas once a filing is created, then while creating a filing, simply uncheck the ‘Archive underlying ideas’ option. The archived ideas can be seen by clicking on the ‘Show Archive Matters’ under ‘Options’. The archived ideas can thereby be also restored to the interface of the tool, by clicking ‘Restore’.
What does approving an idea mean?
In an ideal situation, approving an idea means that the idea has been internally reviewed by a team of experts and the organization has decided to pursue with the drafting and filing of that idea at the PTO. What it also does is that it locks the idea and prevents the users to delete the idea. It still allows modification to happen to the idea, but just doesn’t allow the idea matter to be deleted.
Can I use one idea in multiple filings?
Yes, one idea can be used in multiple filings. Simply unarchive the idea (if not already), and drag and drop in the drafting dropbox, as per the usual process, to create a filing. The filings an idea is part of, can be seen on clicking the idea card and scrolling to the bottom.
What happens to the ideas when I archive/delete a filing/matter?
When a filing (from the Patent Drafting or Filed column in the tool) is archived, the underlying ideas are also archived. The ideas can be manually unarchived by the user at any point. However, if any of the underlying ideas of an archived filing is associated only with that filing, then that idea is free and made available on the interface of the tool itself (in the vetting or capture column, depending on its last position when the filing was created).
What is a Magic Link?
A magic link is a one time use link that is emailed to the users to their TIP tool registered email addresses, when requested by the user. This removes the need for an account login and uses the security of your email system to lock down access to only those individuals who are whitelisted to access according to their Role.
What is a Patentability Score? Do I have to manually feed in its value?
A value within TIP that indicates how likely the idea is to issue as a patent. Currently, this score is manually input by the user.
What is ‘Value’ as mentioned in the Idea Capture form?
Value is subjective scoring by users that indicates the value of the idea (as claimed or that will be claimed) to the assignee. This can change over time and the trend is archived. The score may be completely different when contemplating enforcement of the patent.
What is a tag? How can I use them in a portfolio?
 Tags are filter terms or keywords specified by a user for each matter under management by the TIP Tool. In addition to specific keywords, inventor, manager, docket number, serial number, examiner, prosecutor, firm, and other fields are tags that can be used to filter your portfolio.
What is the “Track file upload status” icon?
When a big or a heavy file is uploaded in an idea that may take a long time to upload, the TIP tool gives the user the option to move away from the idea and work on other ideas within the tool. While the user does that, the tool tries to upload the file at the backend. The ‘Track file upload status’, gives the user the status of these files: whether it was successfully uploaded or a failure was encountered.
Does move idea function the same manner as the drag and drop function?
Yes – it facilitates the movement of ideas between 2 workflow stages of the TIP tool.
How to format the text to make the font similar to previous text already in the summary?
If you copy paste the text in summary, the tool matches it to the destination format by default. Currently, the tool does not provide any option to change the format of the text in the summary section.
What is the ‘archive’ option? When should we archive an idea?
The ‘Archive’ option of an idea moves the idea(s) from the interface of the tool to an archived folder. The archived ideas can be seen by ticking the box ‘Show Archived Matters’ under the Options menu on the tool interface. Some of the situations where the archive option can be chosen is: when an idea is already evaluated by the team and a filing is created, the idea is archived if it is not to be used in any other filing. This option is also used when the idea is decided not to be pursued further. In such situations, a note can be added in the summary section and the corresponding idea archived.
Can we restore an archived or deleted idea?
Yes, an archived idea can be stored by clicking on the idea card and selecting the Restore option. An archived idea remains in the tool throughout its life, unless it is ‘deleted’. A deleted idea can be restored within 30 days of the idea being deleted. Post 30 days, a deleted idea is permanently removed from the tool.