Deleting an Idea/Filing


Idea: Any new innovation added to the Idea Manager and still under the ‘Idea Capture’ or ‘Internal Vetting’ stage is categorized as an idea in the tool


  • To delete an idea, click on the menu bar (the 3 lines) on the idea card and then click on Archive idea
  • Alternatively, click on the idea card, and then click on Archive to delete the idea


Note: If the idea has been ‘Approved’ by the manager or the prosecutor, you would not be able to delete the idea

Filing: Any idea that has been moved to the drafting stage is then referred to as a Filing. Anything that falls under the ‘Patent Drafting’ or a ‘Filed’ column is known as a filing. Two or more ideas can be captured in a single filing


  • To delete a Filing, click on the menu bar and then the archive button. 
  • When the filing is deleted the filing matter is archived, the original idea on which the filing is based is restored back to its previous position in the workflow
  • If a filing is made up of 2 or more ideas, then those multiple ideas are individually restored as individual ideas in the capture/vetting column
  • To delete one of the multiple ideas that form a filing, go to that filing, scroll down to the bottom, where the ideas are listed, and click on the close button for that idea. The filing matter remains as is with the remaining ideas and the deleted idea is restored to its previous stage in the workflow
  • Once the filing is moved to the ‘Filed Stage’, the individual ideas can not be deleted from the filed matter. You can delete the complete filing, but not individual ideas.