• Manager Playlist – Collated

    This is the assortment of videos that shows a user (with a Manager role), the various features of the TIP … Read more →

  • New User Registration

  • Adding an Idea

    This video tells about a user can add a new idea to the TIP tool. This additionally explains the idea … Read more →

  • Editing an Idea

    This video tells about how you can edit an existing idea present in the TIP tool

  • Publishing an Idea

    This video tells about what publishing an idea means and how a user can publish their own idea and make … Read more →

  • Idea Card

    This video tells the user about the different information displayed in an idea card and what it denotes

  • Merging Ideas

  • Deleting an Idea/Filing

    This video talks about how a user can delete a matter in the Idea Manager, and the different ‘phases’ of … Read more →

  • Approving an Idea

    This video tells about what ‘Approving an Idea’ means and how managers and prosecutors can use this feature in the … Read more →

  • Control Panel

    This video tells about the additional features that are associated only with the ‘Manager’ role

  • Adding Users

    This videos tells about the different ways in which new users can be added in a portfolio in the TIP … Read more →

  • Updating User Profile

    This video talks about updating your user information available to the TIP tool

  • Magic Link

    This video talks about what a ‘Magic Link’ is and how users can log into the TIP tool without a … Read more →

  • Workflow Stages

    This video explains the 4 predefined stages in the TIP tool and what each column/stage means 

  • Workflow Process

    This video explains how a user can navigate through the different workflow stages of the TIP tool and navigate between … Read more →