Adding an Idea

  • Log in to the Idea Manager.
  • To add an idea click on Add New Idea button in the Idea Capture column.
  • The Idea capture form opens with a number of fields. The only required fields are the Title and the Inventor email address. The rest of the fields are optional and can be completed later.
  • Fill up the details such as:
    • Idea Number: You can add any internal numbering you follow for easy reference or just leave it blank if you wish to have an automatically generated tracking code.
    • Title: It doesn’t have to be the formal application title.
    • Inventor email address: Once you start typing the address, the system gives options from your user list. Don’t worry if the name of the inventor is not already using the tool. Once you add their email address, the system automatically adds that email/inventor in the tool’s user list.
    • Manager email address: This designates who has responsibility for this idea. You will only be able to select from those given manager rights from the drop-down list.  The admin can give any user manager rights.
    • Summary: Listing any information that will help understand the problem being solved and your solution.
    • Prosecutor email address: If you are aware who is handling the case at this point, then you can add the detail here or you can leave them blank for now and add later as well
    • Draft application: Upload, if required. This allows the TIP Tool to be a way to pass drafts back and forth during the drafting.
    • Documentation file: Upload, if required. It could be anything – notes, pictures, documents, etc. that would help you to refer to the idea specifics later
  • Rate the value of your application to the enterprise on a 1-10 scale with 10 having the highest rank by simply dragging the bar.
  • Add tags for easy referencing. The tag allows sorting your ideas and filed patents.  A Tag can be anything, such as product names, technology, product line, category, etc. Enter a tag and press enter to add multiple tags.
  • Approximate the patentability of your application to indicate how easily you think your idea will get issued by the patent office. 
  • Enter the filing deadline, if you have a set deadline. If not, you can leave this field blank.
  • Click on Save to save the details of your idea. 

Note: Save and Publish are two different features offered by the tool. We will explain save option here

  • The saved idea is only visible to you until published to others listed on the idea form